It’s not choice feminist, it’s trust feminism.

Choice feminism is a phrase I mostly hear from radical feminists, dismissing the feminisms of people like me, pro trans, pro sex worker, pro femme feminisms as lacking theory, being easy feminists, which can be adopted without though, or without change of behaviour, because we can just declare any choice feminist.

This misses the point.

There is a phrase used by the pro choice movement: Trust women. Trust women that they know more about their life than you do, trust women, when it comes down to it, they understand their situation better than you do.

I trust women, I support transition, and sex work and a million other things not because I personally think they are good things for women, but because unlike this society when a women tells that what she is doing is right for her, my base state is to believe her, I might struggle, I might ask her if she has considered alternatives, but in the end I will try to trust her.

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