Sex with crazies

I am reposting a number of my better political posts from Dreamwidth/Livejournal here.

Mentally ill people are denied their sexuality. We are either predators (schizophrenia) or we are poor dears, to scared to be touched (depression, anxiety).

This is not new. Ancient Greek treatment of mental illness included celibacy.

Sex is bad, sex is harmful, and sex is something the disabled mind must be spared from.

I fuck.

My mind and my body seem disconnected. When I am sick I can believe that my actions will not affect my body because it isn’t mine.

Sex brings me back, sex is grounding, it is of this world.

I have never trusted unworldly enlightenment, the concept that understanding is gained by removal bothers me; this world is good enough for me.
“Fear of, disgust with, and refusal of sexual connection are common themes in the worldviews of anorexic and medieval saints and linked to food refusal” – The Anthropology of Food and Body By Carole Counihan

Staving, and removal of sexuality was avoid the reality of a sexual female body, where sexuality is viewed fearfully, a power which must be controlled, that men must be protected from, these women made themselves pure by removing the feminine fat deposits and menstruation.

Sex is worldly, and good mad women will do anything to avoid it. Anorexia holds the same social position as consumption did in 19th century England.

Good mentally ill women are seen as chaste, virginal, artistic and weak. Good mentally ill women cannot manage the changes of the world, and must be protected from it.

I have never been good, I am proud, I stand with my mental illness undefeated by it, I don’t make a good victim, and I fuck because I love it. It grounds me, because my illness doesn’t put me on a pedestal. It doesn’t make me less human. I demand the right to be messy, to be complex. to not

To be me, blood, sweat, cum and tears

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