and if I set them on fire, I’d be the bad guy

hat tip to a good friend of mine for the title

What can you say?

We believe that an appropriate school uniform (eg school trousers, knee-length school skirt etc) protects children from being targeted by sexual predators.

I could say, this is why I am slut walking, because blaming sluts for sexual assault leaves children called sluts (inappropriately dressed, the careful euphemism of the day) when they are abused, because no one should be told that their body makes them a target and they should hid it, for the good of everyone else. I could write a political I could talk about the risk factors of sexual assault, if your interested in that, the comments in this post are worth a read

But the quote send me flying back, so I am going to be a little more personal to sitting in the car with my mother when I was in year 8, the conversation scared into my mind, there was a teacher who acted oddly to students and was rumoured to have sexually assaulted at least one student, my mother asked me if it was wise for me to wear _that dress_ to school given an abuser was believed to be there, I learn that I was the problem. This stuff goes deep, it is in my mother, and it is in the King’s Park Secondary School, so no, slut walk isn’t about short skirts, or pushing women to put out, it about trying to remove a tumour from our society, from our thinking about women and men and sex and consent a tumour that effected me, and effects hundreds of other children.

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