Ummm are well Chesh, have you considered but.,…….

This is a repost of a piece I put on my old blog, I am putting it up here because it is still going on, it is still a god damn issue. If you can, please support the guys involved in this court case

Shut up, ok, shut up. I am sick of the idea that their might be some justification in forcing people to have _major fucking surgery_ in order to get their paperwork updated.

Major fucking surgery.


I don’t believe people will try to commit fraud, by changing their sex, definitive not more than they would try by changing their name, and I will  point out, that took me a trip into the city, 15 minutes of my time, and letters from anyone I owed money too informing the Clark that I had informed them that I was changing my name, that I was not trying to hide from warrants or debts or anything else, and 86 dollars for processing and the reprinting of my birth certificate. The posted the new one out.

A while ago I was trying to explain how I felt about sexed ID.

My answer was that someone who lives as female, is called Kate and sometimes wear dresses* should have id that doesn’t conflict with that, because anything else, in the best case will lead to the kind of annoying conversations with receptionists and bank workers that most trans people are oh so familiar with, “but this is a woman’s id” “Oh your a transsexual let us help the (he he) “Man” with her account” and well, the worse case is a lot worse.

So of you might recall that when calling up to get my Testosterone level results from the queer clinic an well meaning nurse talked to me about how it was ok, but those numbers really where a little high, and miss please make an appointment so we can sort out what horrible thing has gone wrong to give you those kinds of numbers. The doctor went “well that what we would expect, ok, side effects aren’t too bad? no ok then I am fine with moving you up to 250mg every 2 weeks”

I would prefer we didn’t mark sex all, if something needs to go in my medical records let it go there, or in my university documents, let it go there, but justify why you need it because most of the time, a form with two boxes is just a wonderful journey into my dsyphoria and wondering whether it is better to give them actuate information, or information that lines up with my birth certificate.

*Not that this is a requirement for femaleness

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