I am glad I am not famous enough for major feminist blogs to go over my dating choices

Ok look.

It is a really bad wedding dress, I am right with you there, and while sex between a 30-year-old and a 17-year-old would be legal in victoria (Australia) is statutory rape in many parts of the US I believe and is definitely on the dodgy side of the ledger.

Even if it isn’t considered statutory rape, the issues of power, of different in experience can make the possibly of abuse and misuse of power a real issue. I am not trying to write any of that off.

Just after my 18th I started fucking a 40-year-old, and shortly after that (still 18) ended up dating a 34-year-old guy, we where together for 5 year, we lived together and bought a house together, we weren’t married but that was mostly about both of our views of marriage and religion, rather than a view of the commitment to the relationship. The relationship had a bunch of problems, as many of my freinds will attest to, but I don’t believe that the age difference was a cause of those problems, or a reason to not have those relationship.

While I was in university when this relationship started I can’t imagine that feministe would have been much more polite about those relationships, and the way the right of the possibly of these two having anything to talk about bothers me.

Then again, Andrea fathers view of sexuality bothers me more than anything else, it makes me wonder, again without any proof whether marriage felt like a better prospect that continuing to have to come home at 3.20?

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