I wrote to my local member about refugees and you can to

So anyone who follows me on twitter knows that I have been watching and talking about the SBS documentary/reality show go back to where you come from.

I felt while the documentary was playing it was a good opportunity to write to my local member to express my frustration with the current government approach to refugees and asylum seekers, rather than just yelling at my TV some more.

I used this web form to find my local member, and Bernard Keane’s guide to writing to Ministers. In the coming days I plan to also write to the Minster for immigration, and the Prime Minister about these issues, I encourage anyone who can to do the same, don’t copy my letter (as Bernard says, it will be seen as a duplication and binned, but feel free to take inspiration from it. )

Dear [local member]

I have recently watched the wonderful documentary on SBS called go back to where you came from and I wish to raise several issues with you about it.

Firstly the documentary team was able to film in each step of the refugees and asylum seekers journey except for the detention centers in Australia, as Australia is a liberal democracy why do you believe that citizens should be unable to see the centers which are opened in our names, and which our taxes pay for.

Secondarily, given the conditions shown in the second part of the three part series (which was first shown on the 22/6/2011) do you believe that Malaysia is a country we wish to work with for those who have risked their lives trying to seek our help? Why are we working with a country which has not signed the refuge convention?

Thirdly, while I have great respect for SBS a great and important program like this should be shown to the biggest audience possible, I believe that no other channel including ABC wanted this program (John Faine 774 melbourne, 23/6/2011) I wonder if you could comment on this decision? Did they consider it not an important piece of programming?

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