PANIC! There are women in women’s toilets

Image from tranny panic

I am in your toilets.

I am a man (sometimes) in a dress in your toilet

What’s more I am a pervert and a weirdo

My fake constructed womenhood, my pretense is so good it would fool a gynecologist, it would probably fool a geneticist (although I have never checked)

Because I have a secret, I was born a women!

Well that’s what the doctor thought

I am a man (more or less) sneaking into the women’s toilet because I want to take a piss

And because I fear some cis men, I fear their transphobia, their misogyny their violence

But as much as I fear these things I know the risks are so much more for trans women, that those phrases I mock when applied to me are are fists and knives for women and so no

I will not shut up until you shut up about women in women’s bathrooms

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