Quick hit, many lubes may not be safe for anal sex. (and possibly other kinds of sex too)

a study on the effect different lubricants effect on HIV transmission to anal cells in a test tube

I’ve read the study and while it is an early result and it isn’t my area the results look legit and probably worth paying attention to, particularly if your having receptive anal sex with people whose HIV status you don’t know.

As a commenter points out, this may well be true for other kinds of sex as recital tissue isnt that different from vaginal tissue, and so it is probably worth paying attention to for all your lube using sex.

Oh, and if they haven’t been tested since last risk -you do not know there status-

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3 Responses to Quick hit, many lubes may not be safe for anal sex. (and possibly other kinds of sex too)

  1. Ha. Another unsurprising but very tiresome screwup on the lube-additives front then. Yes, I remember when it was pretty hard to get condoms without Nonoxyl9 because people said that was so great.. until enough people finally noticed that those of us having a lot of sex started developing sores etc from all the tissue damage that was caused by overexposure.

    I would question whether your headline is the most useful a summary of the link. It is undoubtedly true that receptive anal sex without a condom is about the highest risk mainstream sexual act that exists when it comes to HIV transmission and the last thing we feed is to be putting chemicals in our lube that facilitates even easier transmission of the virus. However, it is not specifically and exclusively anal sex which cell-damage makes less safe. It would be common sense not to put cell-damaging chemicals on any part of one’s body, especially on delicate areas such as mucous membrane and double-especially when one is about to use that body part for sexual intercourse.

    As someone who viscerally remembers the pain and irritation caused by using N9 condoms all day in the busiest year I spent working as a prostitute, I’d like to add: PROTECT YOUR CUNT FROM DODGY CHEMICALS AS WELL! @ anyone with this body part who doesn’t have time to read the article in full.


    • cheshbitten says:

      Yes, there was a discussion on Twitter on the results and whether they are applicable for PIV sex, you make a good point and I will edit my post later, but the choice of the article title was just to be careful to not over generalize

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