hey, straight geek boys, want to get laid?

so this got linked to by a men’s rights link round up,
Apparently you can learn a lot from how I feel about and treat men from this article, I wait to be amazed by how I feel about men?
Oh and anyone one who wandered in from that link I prefer “he” thanks
apparently I am proving that feminism is a sexual trade union, which is weird as I thought it was quite clear that I want more casual sex, thus lowering my sisters bargaining power, or perhaps we could stop dealing with sex like it is something women do to get stuff from men. Let me make this really clear: I like sex, geeks in particular, I wish I was having more

Because I do, fuck I do. I talked about this on twitter but some other really good posts about it made me want to talk some more. This is pretty much going to be the open scource/ geek version of this post.

And then again, imagine a party house where sexually free women were welcomed with open arms, where women were respected and felt safe, and where they were safe. Imagine how many sluts would show up to their parties, and how much sluttier they might get.

I appeal to you, dudebros, to think not of women’s rights–that can be such an abstract concept–but of your own pussy supply. What you and your bros are doing right now is scaring all the pussy away. If you like pussy so much, treat pussy owners nicely, and you just might get a whole lot more of it.

replace house party with conference and you get one of the things which has been annoying me about a whole lot of the conversation surrounding the recent atheist conference

Over and over I read comments, mostly at PZ’s place which said but atheists like sex, we need ways to pick up because women aren’t brought to us, like they are for believing men who can go to social events organized by their churches. This argument makes no sense, as . Greta Christina one of the amazing people have started reading because of this blow up points out.

Women are yelled at for suggesting boundaries which make them comfortable => women stop coming to your events => ??? => profit.

This mind set annoys me a lot, because I am having stupid arguments with geek boys I would much rather be having sex with, but I can’t have sex with them, because they demonstrate to me that safety and consent are not their problem and that makes it a very big problem for me. And to fall-stall the replies have reason to believe I will get, yes I am fat ugly gender trash you wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot dick on a poll, but I promise you that women who are of your type probably don’t feel differently from me, so take this a some friendly advice from fat ugly gendertrash.

I like kinky sex, you know that stuff that apparently men want that means consent is harder than yes/no, well actually it is always harder than yes no, but when sex has a much larger set of possibilities than piv/oral/manual then you have to start negotiating about those.I need to be able to say, anal, but only with safe lube, restraint but not legs apart because my hip over extends and I can’t trust you to understand this if you cant understand the power inherent in being a women alone is a hotel at 4am with no means of escape.

That is, I’m out I promise myself that I wont write about this any more , buy the way I will at pycon next month, feel free to tell be about the size of your libraries

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9 Responses to hey, straight geek boys, want to get laid?

  1. Matt says:

    Thanks for your posts. Always interesting.

  2. TreCoolMel says:

    Quote: “That is, I’m out I promise myself that I wont write about this any more”

    Yes, please don’t write anymore. Wow, you really don’t know how to write. That “article” was all over the place and did not make any sense on most parts.

    • cheshbitten says:

      Your right, I don’t know how to write, that is part of the reason I have a blog, to learn and practice, nice use of scare quotes by the way.

      Got any suggestions for making my writing clearer, I am guessing shut up and accept sexism would be your first point.

  3. Darque says:

    I’m under no pretense that making women feel more welcome is more likely to get me laid.

    That being said, it’s the right thing to do, so I think it should be done anyway.

    Case in point: I think it’s very hard to respectfully come on to a woman in most settings – a lot of first approaches are by their very nature akward. Moreover, I can imagine that it gets tiring in male dominated settings to have men constantly making passes at you. (Like: Why does it have to be about sex when I just came here to have fun?).

    Being nice to people doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically get laid more, nor does being mean to people. I think sex and sexytime are actually morally-agnostic.

    • cheshbitten says:

      It is the right thing to do, but I think you are being too pessimistic to think that making social groups more welcoming won’t lead to more women being there, women who will then make a range of social arrangements

  4. Darque says:

    Oh, and since I mentioned “being nice”, that reminds me of the famous Nigahiga video parodying nice guys.

  5. Dominique Millette says:

    The pussy is not presently, necessarily, “scared away”. The pussy is contemptuous.

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