I believe: In defense of the mystic

Why do I, an atheist, have links to magic and mysteries?

I believe.

I believe in the darkness behind the eyes, the emergent behaviour of this giant neural net on legs.

I am descended from apes, I am decanted from those who felt, because instincts and feeling are the educated guesses of our brains, because thinking and deciding was far to slow, if we had tried to decide if the shadow was a threat we would have died.

I am descended from protohumans who taught their young and held their communities together with stories.

Take a System so wonderful and twisted as this brain, with millions of years of trying what works, and speak of rationality, I will laugh at you. I keep rationality from when it is needed because rationality is a rare gift.

Follow me to the dark behind the eyes, I can’t get there with logic, I get there with stories, with dance of words, and if you are looking for the right stories you could do a lot worse that those that kept going mouth to ear generation to generation, those twisted up with culture passed through time.

I feel Lilith rise in me, when I, a monster take my place, claim my space, refuse to lie below, to move aside for the chosen people. I honour her when I speak, and when I scream.

Your stories might be different, or you might not even have stories, this isn’t about you, it is about me, and I believe

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2 Responses to I believe: In defense of the mystic

  1. Kite says:

    JFC I just want to say this is a beautiful post and an expression of spirituality that I too feel as an atheist.

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