Quickhit: No feminist I know.

Edited to add: Randomizer suggested this post by twistyfaster which I think is worth noting, however I think the point about people actively trying to change the law, and in a position to do so, vs snarky internet feminists is a important one.

I got a search on this blog

feminists want to remove presumption of innocence

I assume this is after leaving our husbands, killing their children, practising witchcraft, destroying capitalism and becoming lesbians. When I read this search I imagined some anti feminist convinced that feminists teaming up with terrible women to make fake accusations of abuse and steal children

Look, not being the spokesqueer for feminism(TM) all I can say is that no feminist I know wants to remove the presumption of innocence, I know plenty who question the prison system, who question how to deal with the justice system in there personal lives but removing the presumption of innocence, you need conservatives for that

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3 Responses to Quickhit: No feminist I know.

  1. Randomizer says:

    Do you know Jill (aka Twisty Faster)? Her, perhaps toungue in cheek proposal on rape amounts to guilty if accused.

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