Quick hit: Genocide and dispossession.

I live on Wurundjeri land, its just one of those things I know, been to many welcome to countries, like a good white liberal I talk about the history, I remember invasion day.

Out of interest a friend and I where looking up where the boundaries of the Wurundjeri nation where, I checked the Wikipedia site, but it wasn’t the edges of the boundaries that grabbed my attention.

There are less than 100 people alive today in that nation, I checked where the statistic came from, it must be wrong, it couldn’t really be less than a hundred right? The statistic comes from the head of the Wurundjeri Tribe Land and Compensation Cultural Heritage Council, if you had asked me to guess I would have said maybe 10,000. I wish there is some story I could draw, some greater truth but I can’t, I just can’t

Most of Victoria’s five and a half million people live on Wurundjeri land, privilege is being able to not know how close to the edge whole cultures live.

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