All the goals

Ok, this is going to be hard.

I was at pycon last weekend, that I must say was not hard, nor was seeing the keynote by Audrey Roy, she spoke about diversity and open source communities, and I hope she wont mind me shortening her argument to “support diversity you selfish bastards” open source for most projects is a volunteer run, sure some core dev’s are paid, but many aren’t, and libraries, little side project, they are worked on by people in there spare time, helping out, throwing some support when they have time. We as open source advocates can not afford to lose half of our dev, which we will if we don’t support women in IT and open source, all good stuff, good positive worthwhile stuff.

Then there was Sunday morning, I got a message from a good friend of mine, his cousin had been murdered by her ex husband, I don’t know the details but it seems that the story falls into very well tread lines of violence.

I know leaving an abusive relationship can be more dangerous than staying I know domestic avoidance is hard, hard to deal with, hard to get people out of.

I also know that one of the reasons I fight for women in Tech, women in Math, women in everything is because it makes women human. because I believe that one of the most dangerous things one person can think of another is that they are other, outsiders, not like us.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it is a cure all for domestic violence, or any other kind of volience, but I wonder and I worry how much of an inpact “you can’t understand those bitches” battle of the sexes and all that shit has.

Next conference, or in 10 when I stand up and present my new killer app (TM) I hope and pray that maybe just maybe I will make women, and female bodied people more human, not the non understandable other, not a scary other, or a breathing blow up doll, but a person, with a life that starts before you, and might well continue after you, with non perfect test coverage and a laptop that crashed half way though my talk. An end in my own right. That is a valuable thing, even if we don’t get any more dev’s out of it.

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