Quick hit: When doctors lie to their patients

It’s absolutely a diet for life but I don’t tell people that in the beginning. I say ‘this diet works amazingly well for weight loss, just get going and get started’ and we have kind of covert ways of introducing people to new foods so they change their food preferences during the process of weight loss. – Sue Roberts

This isn’t about diets, or maintenance, or whether intentional weight (IWL) lost is a good health strategy, this is about two words: Informed consent.

Informed consent needs to be the basis of medicine, unless you patient is unconscious and dying* you need to get their consent to act, patients aren’t doctors and they aren’t researchers so informed will often mean something along the lines of “sometimes things go wrong, and sometimes we might need to do more work to make it right, are you ok with that” or “We can do X, or we can do Y, here are the basis reasons why you might choose X over Y”

But lying to patients, not telling them information they need to make an informed choice about there health, when yo-yoing is probably worse than never dieting at all, when you might be risking peoples health, if they know they would not be able to keep up this diet. That is unconscionable, that is doing harm.

I was interested in the rest of her thoughts and would like to have read about it, unfortunately her science page contains no science, so I can’t report on that. I understand that she wants me to buy the book, but seriously, if there isn’t a single paper backing up your claims, then why should I trust your sciencey Factbricator(tm).

A brief look at pub med for the instinct diet, or the I diet I found nothing but I am happy to add linked if anyone can provide them, and would humbly suggest that Sue might add them to her webpage too.

*For example being brought in to accident and emergency after a car accident


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