Trust me, you are someone’s fetish

I’m pro body mod, I have tattoos and piercings, and if it was up to me anabolic steroids  would be available from doctors for cosmetic reasons, I mean for fucks sake we are ok with major surgery for cosmetic reasons, can it seriously be argued that a GA is an acceptable risk for cosmetic procedures, but testosterone is not?

So this is not written out of some bio purist love your body just the way it is, and never change it, but listening to background briefing I heard, fear fear which sounded very much like that which I have heard from women over the years, that if these young men would have no status, not relationships with women, and no safety if they did build muscle.

If you don’t have the, like, the fucking abs and the chest and shit, the arms, chicks don’t want a bar of you. And, like, who doesn’t go to a festival and doesn’t want to pick up chicks? Heaps of people will be going heaps tight on the diets and stuff like that. They just want to get, like, the rig.

I suspect I, geeky fat and androgynous are probably not what the vast majority of these young men are looking for, but I am still going to talk about what I like, because while it is not at all better *spit* or heroic, god knows my desires are unattainable for many, and would probably cause at least as much self destruction if it was mainstream it isn’t and  just maybe some kid who reads that they are people out there, who like femme skinny guys, and kick arse queer women they might just see themselves as not undesirable, just a speciality. This is going to focus on guys, because that is what the show was on.

I like guys who are my hight or shorter, I have had people read this backwards, assuming I must mean at least as tall as me, because everyone knows tallness is hot right? its not a rule, there have been exceptions, but in general, give me a 5’5″ guy any day.

I like guys who aren’t masculine, more than one of my ex’s has been often assumed to be queer, and several of them identified as straight. Look if you want to body build cool, it would just be nice if there was a little less fear in the world.

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