A super quick hit over lunch

I got linked this on twitter short version is that it appears that a person going by the name of Susan Collins is looking to study trans men who want to detranstion and is offering surgery funding.

The Susan Claims to be associated with University of Leicester which she isn’t, but she also doesn’t seem to exist, none of the books she claims to have authored exist two of the titles seems to come from a biblical workshop which runs in Australia (link to pdf ) her email address exists, but the domain is a squatter page

What is this? A scam? a practical joke? An a attempt by a transphobe to show how many unhappy trans men there are around?

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2 Responses to A super quick hit over lunch

  1. cassandratoday says:

    There is no “Susan Collins” listed as faculty or staff at Clarkson University’s web site. The whole thing is a hoax.

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