Fuck that

I have not been posting, the good news in that I am not dead, until quite recently I might have said that was the end of the good, good things have been happening but the bad things haven’t stopped.

I have other things do, plenty of other things, some which pay me or help me, or mean I have a coffee machine again.

But I am writing, ranting actually, anyway.

Fuck public health people, fuck lazy thinking with no apparent lives outside of what we do.

People at my work where out to lunch, I hate work lunches because being in public health you have to dance around fucking politics in what you order, sometimes I want junk food, but I am know if I don’t choose the fucking lentil salad I will be seen as not “living the values” of my org.

I am half zoning out, listening to my coworkers go on about the new superfood chia seeds when someone pipes up that we should ban cooking shows.

What? You have something against cravats?

“Its not healthy, it promotes food you shouldn’t eat every day.”

I don’t how much I wanted to reach across and slap his skinny chai latte out of his hands.

Food is life, food is family, at risk of expressing my socialist roots I will point out that the root of the word comrade is about food, great civilisation believed that food produced souls.

Food is more than the sum of health risks, food is sharing, food is love, food is the feeling of curling up with pizza and watching bad TV, until health professionals realise this, we are going to continue to push health promotion which victim blaming and doesn’t make sense to the people we try to speak to, people who want to know how to minimise their risk and manage health their health issues.

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