So lets talk about this week

This is not going to be a pretty post. TW for transphobic violence


I recently had a cis person I know challenge me on my use of die cis scum phrase I used to express frustration and to stand in solidarity with a kick arse trans person who was being hassled about having die cis scum tattoo on their arm They felt that I was alienating potential allies


This is a week of both micro and macro aggressions, at one end someone I liked on tumblr reposted without comment a piece which said

 Feminism does not value women’s subordination and women’s pain. It doesn’t value healthy women’s lifetime dependence on the medical system for nutritional supplements or hormones—inevitable outcomes of weight-loss surgery or transsexualism.

So that is the small stuff, the stuff like deciding everyday whether to speak up when I am misgendered, the big stuff is way bigger?

CeCe McDonald took a plea deal, a plea deal she shouldn’t have needed to take, because from everything I know she shouldn’t have been charged.

As a community we morn trans women who didn’t survive to be charged with murder for daring to think their lives where more important their attackers.

I am lucky as fuck, my body doesn’t out me, I hid in plain sight and like Asher nobody has ever tried to kill my white male ass for being trans but my friends live with that threat are every day, ask me about the women whose urgent medical treatment was delayed because she was trans, or the women beaten in a queer/ radical bit of Melbourne for being trans, these are people I personally know. Go on, tell me about being nicer to trans phobes


So yeah, there isn’t great commentary here, I am too tired, too scared, too angry. Why I was writing this, a friend of mine was assaulted for being trans, not fucking happy.


Fuck cis scum,

Fuck white scum,

Fuck a world where Zimmerman acted in self defence and CeCe didn’t

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