Mystic rambling

Several years ago, at a time of crisis my lady came to me, or I came to her, I do not know, I asked her for her advice when I felt I had nothing left. I felt deep sadness, deep loss, I felt the heart of the desert and the emptiness that is left when she walked away from everything she knew, I felt the rage that hunts children, in the dark place, in the wild.

I was left with the words:

You must walk your own desert

I thought I was but now I am not sure, I am having a bad time at work, it should be sorted by September but it is damaging me right now, I am having panic attacks at work, I am hypertensive.  I talked to someone very close to me, he told me to call a source who might get me a new job, he told me to write my resignation letter.  Did I see her eyes in his? Am I living up to her?

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