Better boundaries though spoon management

I am unwell, I believe the clinical diagnosis is fucking crazy, this means that I am managing spoons as I fundamentally do not have enough for all the things I promised to do, like talking at a conference, or either of my jobs, so basically if you are not, one of my friends, my job or my conference talk you don’t get any of my spoons, I need them.

Unfortunately I am an outspoken angry trans person on the internet, and I called some jerk who harassed a trans women friend of mine cis scum I think many of my readers can sing along with what happened next.

  • What if I used trans scum

    – Well you would have to get in line, because lots of people are waiting to tell me that already

  • You are scarring away allies

    – Oh noes, not the allies who consider my humanity dependent on my niceness, whatever would I do without them

  • You are just classing me with arseholes, some cis people are nice

    -Yes, and I consider not telling angry people to carm down and be nicer a virtue, but that is just me, I don’t particularly like “nice”

And on and on and on.

You know what, I don’t care, I mean I did for a little while and then I remembered, this person is clearly not a friend, she claims to be a trans ally, but I assume she is an ally to some other trans people, not me. She isn’t is my work, and she isn’t my conference talk, and I have this handy dandy ignore button.

You know, I could get use to this.

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