All hallows eve

Tonight we are told, the walls between the worlds draw close. Tonight I remember the dead. My ancestors, both in blood and in spirit.

I remember that my family were forced half way around the world to the land I call my home. I remember that they dispossessed and killed those they replaced.

I work in a field where one of the founders was the Professor of Eugenics, a man who in 1933 fought for his departments continued existence. I remember him when I hear people who say that others would not exist in their utopia.

Today my job involved reading the details of people at the height of the AIDS epidemic, case file after case file, people who mostly carry more than one label, more than one nice tick boxed risk factor. People breaking though the taxonomy of a government filing system.

Its all drawn together for me, all parts of a whole.

Today I remember the dead. Today I draw my children near, I tell them, we are beautiful monsters, there is evil out their, evil that would rather we died than kept breathing and tonight we hold each other, tonight we keep breathing. Tonight they don’t get that.

With thanks to little light.

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