An outspoken bleeding heart with a cynical streak a mile wide.

I identify as fake, I am not a “real” anything, I am not a real women, or a real man, I am not a real queer, my invisible disabilities make me not really disabled. I am not a real feminist, I am fake.

Fascinated by mathematics, politics and the stories humans tell each other. A Queer as fuck androgynous genderqueer fairy, uses male pronouns, a lover of geeks and nerds of all types. just another freak ruining the master race.

I find myself always in-between, never finding a community where I fit, edge case which is too hard to think about, we will deal with +it+ later, so my icon is a cassowary a large flightless bird with a bone crest, who is totally not a dinosaur in drag.


4 Responses to About

  1. Nahida says:

    So I just clicked on your name on Feministe and went straight to the About section and I think I love you.

  2. Aleph says:

    You recently followed me on Twitter, which led me here.
    I don’t know who you are, but reading these words has probably helped more than you’ll know. Certainly more than I can articulate.

    Thank you.

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