Classic posts you should absolutely read

This is very much a work in progress


Another post about rape She didn’t fight back because you told her not to. Ever. Ever. You told her that was okay, and necessary, and right.

Schrödinger’s Rapist

Meet the predators.


Five Geek Social Fallacies Those thing many geeks believe,which harm geek social groups.

An Open Letter to John C. Wright We, the Elders of Sodom, read with interest your recent diatribe on the moral decay of society, as manifest in the SyFy Channel’s (most welcome) response to our criticism with regards to representing gay characters.

An open letter to the smartest guy in the room Don’t be this guy, for both of us.

Magic and mysteries

(why does an atheist have this here?)

The theology of lunch


“Our group has explored many of those different possible explanations for asexuality and we find that this is a very psychologically healthy, well adjusted group of individuals.  And this is likely not a sexual dysfunction. ” health report

Sexwork activism

The evidence of outcomes in the Swedish criminalisation model


Privilege is turning the heat down when you live with a lizard because hey, I’m not cold I don’t understand what you mean by cold


the seam of skin and scales I am not a woman trapped in a man’s body. This body is no man’s; it is mine, it is me, and there is no man in that equation. And I am not trapped in it. There are a million and one ways out of this body, and I have clung to it, tooth and claw, despite an endless line of people and institutions who would rather I vacate the premises, and have sometimes been willing to make me bleed to convince me they’re right.

Intent! It’s Fucking Magic! Why “But I didn’t mean to” isn’t good enough.

Mutilating Gender by Dean Spade about preforming the standard transexual narrative when you want to access transition.

Drop the barbie, on the abuse that happens to non gender normative kids under the guise of treatment for childhood GID


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  2. root says:

    You’ve got a couple of broken links with http://http// at the front:

    “Another post about rape”
    “the seam of skin and scales”

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