Interesting research

Don’t you hate when you read an interesting study and then when you go back you can’t find it? No, well I do, so I keep this page as a resource for studies which I think are cool or interesting, or which I don’t want to lose. Feel free to comment with anything I should add.


Women who work in science, technology, engineering and math jobs have a lower wage gap (compared to men) that average workers, a US based study

Psych health

non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs could lower the effectiveness of antidepressants [early results, rat models and human correlations]



No excess mortality in overweight people

Long term outcomes of weight lost dieting/exercise a meta analysis

“The results for very-low-energy diets(VLED)s and hypoenergetic balanced diets(HBD)s, respectively, were as follows: weight-loss maintenance, 7.1 kg (95% CI: 6.1, 8.1 kg) and 2.0 (1.5, 2.5) kg; percentage weight-loss maintenance at 4 or 5 year follow up”

I twins where one dieted and one didn’t, those who dieted ended up heavier than those who did not. 


Women perform differently on math tests depending on whether they believe math-related gender differences are determined by genetic or social differences, according to University of British Columbia researchers.

Teen Girls Report Abusive Boyfriends Try To Get Them Pregnant

After ten hours of playing video games, sex differences in cognitive tests disappear

Cis women experience autogynophilla


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